Hi everyone!! I’m back again. I’m sorry because I’m not posting as much as I would like to, but this year is being quite difficult, I promise I’ll post everytime I can!! I know you enjoyed my post about my favourite TV Shows so now I’ll be doing the 20 SONGS TAG!! Hope you enjoy it!!



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Hi everyone!!
How are you guys? Hope you’re fine. I’m a little bit stressed to be honest. but I’ll be ok (at least when it’s all over).

My Easter was good, well, it was amazing. I went to my house near the beach and I spent there fivve days more or less with my brother and my friends. I didn’t open a book during the hole weekend but when I came back to my home I had lots to study so I went everyday to the library so I could get concentrated.

Today is the first day after holiday so that’s why I’m writing again, I don’t have much to tell you, so why don’t you tell me how did you spend your Easter holiday? I didn’t travel anywhere far away although I would have liked to. Now I have only thirteen days left before finishing this school year and then I’ll start to get ready for my university entrance exam and I’m freaking out but I’ll try to do my best and so you do, I’m pretty sure.

I promise to post as much as I can, what would you like to read in the next post?? Have a nice week and see you soon!!


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HI EVERYONE!! So… what time is it? (read it like if it was the HSM’s song) IT’S EASTER TIME!!

Easter is finally here and I won’t be at school during two weeks more or less. This post is just to tell you a little about my holidays.

As I said, I don’t have classes so I’m going to spend a whole weekend near the beach with my friends.

Today I’m a little bit tired, so sorry if I don’t write to much, but it’s been a hard weekend, I promise I’ll do a good post when I come back from Easter.

I really hope you enjoy your time off with your family and friends so you can come back to study or work more motivated than you actually were.

Sorry again for this post, and happy Easter!!



Hi everyone!! I’m back again and today I’ll tell you about the last time I was in England.

It was one year ago,  in 2016. This time I was not feeling as nervous as the first time, but that doesn’t mean I wasn’t excited.

As I told you, last Easter I flew to Bristol to spend there about 10 days. My cousin Pepe is living and working there so I asked him if I could go and be with them during my little cousin’s holidays so I could look after her.



Hi everyone!!

As I told you in the last post I would like to talk you about my experience in Britain and for that I’ll explain you the very first time I went there.

It was two years ago, the 3rd of August of 2015. Don’t think I’m crazy I remember this because it was my birthday. I was turning sixteen the first time I took a plane to visit my favourite country.

I flew from Valencia to Manchester and my cousin Rocío was waiting for me at the airport. It was my birthday as I said so she gave me something like a badge (a really big one) with IT’S MY BIRTHDAY writen on it. I think it was similar to this one hahaha. It was enormous.

I was freaking out, I mean I couldn’t imagine I was finally in England. We took a train to Warrington and seriously, England is so green (ok it’s raining almost everyday, although it didn’t rain the time I was there, lucky girl)

You may be asking what I did while I stayed in Warrington. Well, I visited the city with my cousin when she was out of work. We visited the city center, some cathedrals and green parks which I felt in love with. One day I went with Tony to visit the river of Warrington and he explained me the difference between each part of the river that divides Warrington. He also told me about the ships that go throw the river and then we went across the bridge to see the other side of the city. It was pretty cool, Tony was born there so he knows a lot about Warrington and England. When we were having dinner he told me some curiosities about the country which were pretty interesting for me.

We also visited Liverpool. Rocío had been lilving there before  so she knew what would be cool to see. We went to the library and it was huge. It had like little spaces to see films where nobody can bother you and also a rooftop and you could see Liverpool from there. We went to the Albert Dock and its museums and had a good time in the Cavern where there was a musician singing some different songs. I was shocked to see all that stuff, all the people dancing, some old guitars and music contracts. You all need to see this.

Rocío and I went to see Manchester but Tony was working so he couldn’t. It was more like a big city and I think I could not live there hahaha. We walked a lot to see as much as we could but it was worth it. We met some Spanish guys who lived in a town near ours, what a concidence!

Tony’s parents offered me to go with them to Blackpool for a weekend and I accepted. Blackpool is next to the beach so we could see the sea from our sofa. Blackpool has  a fair in the pier. I though this only happened in the films because I have never seen something that cool here in Spain. We went to the center of the town and it had lots of shops and leisure centers. Blackpool used to be such a turistic place, but not anymore and it’s quite sad because it’s too beautiful.


I spent my last weekend there in Bristol visiting my other cousin who is Rocío’s brother. We didn’t get bored because my little cousin don’t allow you to so we went to visit Bristol with my cousin’s friends and we had lunch in my favourite place (it was a buffet with food worldwide, cool, isn’t it?) One of those days we went to Bath and visited part of the town which was cool. And then we went back to Warrington.

In the last days we were thinking to visit Liverpool again but I forgot my passport in Bristol so Rocío had to come back (I could never thank her enough) so I stayed at home. And after three amazing weeks I flew back to Spain.

I’ve forgotten to say that we also made some film kind of night with its food and drink and which I miss so bad (yes Rocío and Tony that’s an indirect)



Hi everyone!!

I’m pretty sure you know where is England, what it is, and luckily how it is. I say luckily because I’ve been quite obsessed with this country since I was little and I had the pleasure to be there two years ago for the first time and I went back last Easter.

My two cousins are living there. One of them is in Warrington, where I went the summer of 2015 for three weeks (my first time in England and I stayed there 3 weeks!!) and the other one is in Bristol, where I was last Easter.

I don’t know why but I’ve always felt like if there’s something England has that makes me want to come back, I seriously don’t know what it is, because  the weather is not the best  thing there hahaha, the food taste nice but is not healthy at all (at least typical fast food) but maybe it’s because of its green parks, or perhaps its air (I’m not joking, the fresh air from England is just magnific.)

I would like to tell you what I did there, which places did I visit, or which food I tried, but you have to wait till the next post for reading this. Suscribe to my blog so you’ll never miss a thing. Thanks for reading see you next week!! x



Hi everyone!! I’m sure you all know what this tag is about, and usually people do this on YouTube, but I’m not a YouTuber, so  I’ll try to do it here, I hope you like it.

(I took the questions from the Internet)

  • What’s your favourite TV show?

So… everyone who knows me will know, and obviously this is PRETTY LITTLE LIARS. Seriously it’s the best tv show ever, and now I also watch Glee 24/7 so these two are my faves



6885e90a2c32e2e84fc727075a682fa8Hi everyone! In the last post, I told you my name, but now, you all should now which is my second name: drama queen. I’m going to explain you this.

As I told you before, I’m studying my last year at the High School and let’s be honest, it’s being a difficult one. Probably everyone who’s reading this is laughing (at least I would). But seriously, I didn’t thought it would be that hard for me. Teachers remind us everyday how important is this year, how high our grades should be, how much efford we do have to put in our school projects, and this make me really anxious!! No, patience is not my friend, I’ve tried to, but she really hates me.



My name is Maria and I’m seventeen, but I’m turning eighteen in August. I’m currently studying “Segundo de bachiller” which is the second year of a course of two we take before going to University.
This school year is being quite different because I’ve switch schools and I’m in a new one but in the same city as the old one. It was an awkward change but I don’t regret about it at all. I’ve met new people and have discovered skills about myself that I didn’t even know they existed, and that makes me really happy to be honest. Some people are afraid about changes, and I would be lying if I say that I wasn’t one of those people, but now I know that changes make you learn, discover new things and challenge yourself until making your best.