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Hi everyone!!
How are you guys? Hope you’re fine. I’m a little bit stressed to be honest. but I’ll be ok (at least when it’s all over).

My Easter was good, well, it was amazing. I went to my house near the beach and I spent there fivve days more or less with my brother and my friends. I didn’t open a book during the hole weekend but when I came back to my home I had lots to study so I went everyday to the library so I could get concentrated.

Today is the first day after holiday so that’s why I’m writing again, I don’t have much to tell you, so why don’t you tell me how did you spend your Easter holiday? I didn’t travel anywhere far away although I would have liked to. Now I have only thirteen days left before finishing this school year and then I’ll start to get ready for my university entrance exam and I’m freaking out but I’ll try to do my best and so you do, I’m pretty sure.

I promise to post as much as I can, what would you like to read in the next post?? Have a nice week and see you soon!!


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