Hi everyone!! I’m back again and today I’ll tell you about the last time I was in England.

It was one year ago,  in 2016. This time I was not feeling as nervous as the first time, but that doesn’t mean I wasn’t excited.

As I told you, last Easter I flew to Bristol to spend there about 10 days. My cousin Pepe is living and working there so I asked him if I could go and be with them during my little cousin’s holidays so I could look after her.

When I arrived to Bristol Pepe was waiting me at the airport and we drove back home. When we got home I packed my bag and we all started our trip to Cornwall. (I have to say that I love road trips in England’s motorways. Everything is very green and I just love it.) While we stayed there we visited the Eden Project which I totally fell in love with. This place is truly amazing. There are three bubbles, well, three ENORMOUS BUBBLES and inside them there is the rainforest, so that’s what the Eden Project is, an enormous (the largest) indoor rainforest. We spent there a whole day and it was worth it. We also visited Cornwall and the Tintagel Castle, the views from there were breathtaking.

Then we went back to Bristol where Carla and I started our adventure. While everybody at home was working, we were having fun together going to the city center, we also went to the Zoo where we realised how much we love animals and how sad we felt seeing them enclosed in such those little spaces. My little cousin and I decided since that day that zoos are not as cooIMG_20160404_191945l as they pretend to be. Even we see those places “big”, for that animals are really small places.

When I stayed in Bristol I also met my cousin’s friends. They’re from different places, I mean, none of them is from England and that was pretty cool, at least for me.

Carla and I also saw some films together and danced while singing out loud when we were getting ready at morning.

The time I was in Bristol was shorter than the first time, but it was incredible as well.

So, will you came with me the next time?? Thanks for reading!!


2 thoughts on “ENGLAND (PT3)

  1. Hi Maria. Its nice to hear about your time in England (and makes me miss home a little too). Im happy you love it so much and Im sure you´ll visit again and again. You must come to London and visit Catford (the most glamorous part of the city, where all the best Londoners live). All the best and I look forward to reading more of your posts.

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