Hi everyone!!

I’m pretty sure you know where is England, what it is, and luckily how it is. I say luckily because I’ve been quite obsessed with this country since I was little and I had the pleasure to be there two years ago for the first time and I went back last Easter.

My two cousins are living there. One of them is in Warrington, where I went the summer of 2015 for three weeks (my first time in England and I stayed there 3 weeks!!) and the other one is in Bristol, where I was last Easter.

I don’t know why but I’ve always felt like if there’s something England has that makes me want to come back, I seriously don’t know what it is, because  the weather is not the best  thing there hahaha, the food taste nice but is not healthy at all (at least typical fast food) but maybe it’s because of its green parks, or perhaps its air (I’m not joking, the fresh air from England is just magnific.)

I would like to tell you what I did there, which places did I visit, or which food I tried, but you have to wait till the next post for reading this. Suscribe to my blog so you’ll never miss a thing. Thanks for reading see you next week!! x


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