My name is Maria and I’m seventeen, but I’m turning eighteen in August. I’m currently studying “Segundo de bachiller” which is the second year of a course of two we take before going to University.
This school year is being quite different because I’ve switch schools and I’m in a new one but in the same city as the old one. It was an awkward change but I don’t regret about it at all. I’ve met new people and have discovered skills about myself that I didn’t even know they existed, and that makes me really happy to be honest. Some people are afraid about changes, and I would be lying if I say that I wasn’t one of those people, but now I know that changes make you learn, discover new things and challenge yourself until making your best.


But, why did I decide to open this blog? The truth is that it hasn’t been a personal idea. This year our IT teacher has given us the chance to open a site where we can post what we think about society, food, sports or even our reflexions, so that’s why I’m here.

The idea of this site is to write like an online diary where I can post my daily discovers, my success and my failure, what I achieve and what I lose, maybe what I studiy and which are my future plans. Where do I travel or how I spend my holiday. Who knows, maybe I start cooking so I can upload some recipes.

And that’s who I am and which are my plans for this site. Thank you for reading!!


16 thoughts on “WHO AM I?

  1. Pienso que tienes un futuro prometedor como escritora…pues hasta ahora todo lo que he leído tuyo me ha gustado. Enhorabuena Maria.

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